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Summer is here....Holidays.....

Welcome June 2023 - I hope you all are well....

As summer is here and hopefully the temperature will warm up. We have to take more care for our fluffy family members. Listed below are some ideas to keep your dogs and cats cool...

When dog walking - only walk first thing and last thing in the day, as it will be too hot during the day for them. As most of my walks for during the day once the temperature gets too hot, I only offer garden visits for them to have a toilet break , cuddles and change water. Some of my clients have paddling pools which if your dog loves water is great to cool off. Make sure they have a lot of fresh cold water.

As we all know you should never leave a dog or any animal in a hot car, outbuilding or caravan.

You also buy cool mats for your dogs/ cats and coats that you wet than put on them during the day or you can leave a fan on for them.

Most animals find the summer hard - rabbits - chickens - cats - etc, check they have fresh water, loads of shade, and some people keep there cats inside as sometime that is cooler for them.?

I remember a few years ago pet sitting in Letchworth and they had a hose - the dog loved playing in the water - keeping cool.

Both cats and dogs do not sweat like us to keep cool so we have to keep a special eye on them.

When I am cat feeding during the summer, I change there water a lot more - some cats love drinking from taps. I was cat feeding in Hitchin over last weekend and one of the cats loved playing and drinking running tap water.

If you are thinking about going on holiday over this summer than I do have spaces available, from cat feeding, dog walking, chicken feeding, rabbit feeding, puppy care and more. I cover Hitchin, Letchworth, Arlesey and surrounding areas. I am away myself from this Friday 9th June and back to work Monday 19th June in case I do not get back to you as fast as normal on emails, I will have my phone on me which will be the best way to contact me next week 07917 866840.

The lovely Tess below - just finished a week pet sitting - in Stotfold.

Many thanks Jo


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