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Happy June Everyone....

The other week I was looking after some chickens, ducks and quails in Lower Stondon, Bedfordshire.

The client asked me to just feed and change water - as the chickens and ducks were sitting on eggs, and sometimes they can get a bit snappy.

One of the days I got there and the ducks had four baby ducklings they were so sweet and following mum around. I told the owner and she asked me to give them special food in there runs.

I thought I would share with you picture below of them with there mum and give you some facts about ducks.... below..

All ducks have highly waterproof feathers.

Ducklings can swim and walk younger than 10 days old.

Ducks are social animals and love being in large groups.

They can live up to 20 years old.

A ducks egg will hatch within 28 days, except Muscovy ducks they take 35 days.

There vision is a lot better then humans.

What you should feed ducks - cracked corn, oats, plain uncooked rice in small amounts, birdseed, frozen peas and even sliced grapes.

I am looking forward seeing the duckling again soon and see how much they have grow up.

Have a lovely June everyone and chat soon thanks Jo

Perfect Petz And Polish


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