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Keeping Cool This Summer

As now the days are getting hotter, we all have to think about keeping our pets cool.

Here are some tip to keep your pets cool this summer.....

When walking your dog only walk early am and late evening, as at the moment during the day it is around 23oc, hot hot , if you put your hand on the foot path and it is very hot than think about your dogs paws!

A good idea in your home is a cool mat which some dogs love them or give them some ice in there water bowl?

Small animal also find the heat too much as well, if you have them outside make sure they have shade in there run or hutch - try and make sure there hutch is not always in the direct sunshine and they loads of fresh cold water.

Never leave your pets in the car - even if you are just popping into a shop fast, it does not take many minutes for them to over heat, and than you would need to take them to your vets...

Some pets love water - so playtime with a hose or paddling pool in your garden can be great fun for both of you?

I hope some of my tips are helpful and you all have a lovely fun warm June.

Keep Safe - Thanks Jo

The picture below is Ozzy a Jack Russell - he is a sweet boy, I do weekly pop ins / playtime in Hitchin during lunchtime to break up his day for his owners.


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