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Happy Halloween

Halloween just around the corner and it is a lovely time to dress up and go out with your children trick or treating but sometimes it is scary for your pets?

Different people knocking at your door wearing scary things - so maybe keep your dog away from your front door when opening?

Already I have heard fireworks - a lot of animals are so scared of fireworks and this can now go onto next year with Christmas and New Year coming up. You can try turning up your TV - calming plug-ins around your home - keep all animals (if you can) inside or classical music?

When you get back from trick or treating - keep your treats away from your pets as chocolate or sweets are very damages for most animals.

If you want to dress your pet in a costume - be mindful - do they really like it - is it safe?

Hope you all have a safe and fun time.

Below is a picture of Bella - a new client - kindly sent me a Halloween picture - of Bella going shopping.


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