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Easter is nearly here...

We are in March, spring is on its way. mornings are getting lighter and days longer.

Thought I would share with you some information bunny rabbits.

Easter is a time for family and a time to share together, but please remember chocolate is poison for dogs and most animals. If you are thinking of getting a rabbit for Easter, they can live until 12 years old, they are social animals, There teeth are always growing so they need wood to chew on. They are very intelligent. They can live inside and outside, also live together as a pair. They need love and attention to become friendly .

As Easter is also a time when we go away, than Perfect Petz and Polish can help with your small animals, from rabbits, hamsters, fish, gerbils, guinea pigs and chicken feeding. I still have a few slots free for this April so please contact me.

Thanks for reading - and have a happy Easter


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