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August 2020 Reviews

Evening I thought I would share with you two reviews from clients I have looked after their animals for a few weeks this month.

Guinea Pig, Fish and Chicken Feeding in Arlesey

We love using Jo as she is easy to reach - loves the pets (fish, 4 guinea pigs and chicken feeding/care) and does a fab job.

Sue - Arlesey - Bedfordshire

Cat Feeding in Letchworth

I asked Jo last minute if she could look after my cat Lola. Jo was brilliant, she made it work and looked after her for the week. Jo came around to meet Lola and find all about her needs before hand. She made notes, went over everything. Made sure to get vets details just in case, as Lola had staples in her side.

I got updates twice a day letting me know how Lola was.

Also watering my sunflowers outside once a day.

I couldn't have been happier, I was able to relax for the week knowing that Lola was in safe hands and being cared for.

Jo is really friendly and I highly recommend her.

Lou - Letchworth - Hertfordshire

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