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New Family Members Guinea Pigs

Morning everyone - I thought I would share with you all some news we have just got 2 new family members - 2 lovely guinea pig boys - they are around 2 years old the owner was finding it hard to look after them so we got them to care for and join us in their new loving home..

I thought I would share with you some information about keeping guinea pigs - as they are very sociable animals and like to by handled and around people and living with other guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs need hay once a day for their teeth - as their teeth grow and need different foods to keep them short.

Also they can not make their own vitamin c like us so they need fresh leafy green veggies, or small amounts of kiwi fruit or citrus daily.

They also need guinea pigs dried food either nuggets or muesli. Also fresh water each day.

They do love companionship so they love living with other guinea pigs but a good idea to only keep males or females to avoid unwanted breeding.

Housing they do like to hide somewhere in their hutch or cage, and sawdust or wood shavings for their bedding but you do need to clean them out at least once a week. Also other toys to play with tunnels, balls etc.

I have been handling my boys everyday but not too much as they do like their own space as well, even our dog Becks has met them and she is friends with them not but I would not leave her with them unattended.

I also have a run for the garden so when I am at home they can go onto the grass for some more exercises and a change of surroundings so they do not get bored.

We have not had them very long but I am finding these 2 very fun to watch and take care for - I used to have guinea pigs and rabbits when I was younger so it is nice to have them again.

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