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Puppies for a Christmas present

As Christmas is coming up, and are you thinking about getting a puppy, here are some things to know before hand:

Puppies may be irresistible, but they are also extremely time-consuming. If you have never had a puppy, then you might not realize what you're about to get into. It's one thing to be ready to get a dog, especially an adult dog. Raising a puppy requires an even higher level of commitment

Young puppies need to be fed three to four times a day. They need to be taken outside immediately after eating or drinking so they can eliminate appropriately and become house trained. Puppies will have accidents in the house while they are still being house-trained. That can mean a lot of cleaning up.

A puppy might wake you up several times during the night. It might be because the puppy needs to go outside, or it might just be because the puppy is bored.

A young puppy can't be left alone for more than a few hours. The puppy should stay in a crate when alone; this aids in house training and keeps the puppy from chewing up everything in your house. However, after a few hours, a puppy can't hold its bladder (and sometimes bowels too).

Puppies can be destructive. They want to explore, chew, lick, and possibly even eat things in their environment. They don't know manners and may act unruly or hyperactive. All puppies need to be trained and socialized; they also need a lot of exercise. These things take a lot of time.

If possible, consider adopting a dog first. Mixed-breed dogs are absolutely wonderful and extremely underrated. Your local animal shelters and pet rescue groups have adorable mixed-breed puppies just waiting for homes. Even if you are not sure a mixed breed dog is for you, it's worth a trip to your local shelter or rescue group to meet some of the puppies. You might just fall in love!

If you choose to buy a purebred dog, then you need to be responsible. Look for an experienced dog breeder with a stellar reputation. Avoid backyard breeders. Never buy from pet stores, as their dogs often come from puppy mills. Don't buy a dog from a flea market or a classified ad; these puppies have unknown backgrounds and may be unhealthy.

Puppy-Proof Your Home

Stock up on Puppy Supplies

And hope you have loads of fun with your new family member.

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