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August Review 2019

A Lovely Rabbit Review 2019 - Rabbit Feeding - Hitchin

Thank you so much Jo for looking after our little trio.

I always get quite worried about Teddy as he is a rescue rabbit and prone to gut stasis. He is not a very flexible little guy but as you've seen he is a heartbreaker!

He was happy and safe in your care along with his bonded sister Teela. Freyja our cat was also new to our home, I adopted her from my sister. We'd already booked our holiday and although things could have been a little complicated you took great care of them for us. It was so wonderful to return home to happy animals and have a crisis free holiday. We are really happy to have found you in Hitchin and would recommend you as a pet sitter. We really appreciated the regular feedback that you sent us too.

Warm wishes and thanks from Shayna and Dev - Hitchin

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