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Keeping your pets cool

This week is going to be a very hot, so I thought I would share with you some ideas how to keep your pets cool?

Offer them fresh water through the day, change water a few times during the day.

Keep bowls nice and clean, some pets will drink more when they have a clean bowl.

Keep an eye on them - as you know your pets more than anyone else - if they show signs of distress

Not eating?

Acting loopy, walking around in circles or stumbling?

Keep them inside or a shaded place so they are out of the direct sun light.

As we like having a fan on us, so do your pets so let them share yours to keep cool.

If your pets love water, maybe let them use the paddling pool, to sit in and keep cool.

Walking your dog, walk very early or late evening - or leave it for a day or so until it gets cooler.

And never leave your pets in your car in the heat, it only takes a few seconds for them to get heat stroke or even die...

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