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Sushi (the cat) and her 9 lives

Just thought I would share with you a statement from a client regarding there lovely cat Sushi in Ickleford, Hertfordshire.

Sushi has used one of her 9 lives. Last night was hit by a car and found by a stranger who took her to vet in Letchworth. By chance Jo, who comes to see Bentley (our dog on a daily basis letting him out for a toilet break Monday - Friday over the lunchtime period), saw their post that she had been dropped off there. Unfortunately though she is going to have to have her tail amputated as it’s been pulled too much to heal on its own. Victoria and I are so grateful in the kindness of others in her being found and taken to vet, then for Jo realising it could be Sushi and letting me know. Fingers are now firmly crossed that the surgery works and she is back bringing us dead mice soon!

Update: the surgery went well and Sushi has no tail now but recovering really well - eating and drinking as normal.

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