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Depression and your pets

Can your pet really help you with depression??

Advantages and Benefits of Pet Ownership:

There is a myriad of research and anecdotal article describing how pet ownership has helped people.

1. Socialization and Depression: Depression often brings with it a tendency to self isolate. Dog ownership forces people to go out and walk.

2. Anxiety Reduction: The anxieties associated with going out for many people with anxiety and phobic disorders, are often reduced by having the companionship of a dog. This is a kind of comfort that builds self confidence for people who are anxious about going out into the world.

3. Love: The connection and bond that forms between an individual and dog is invaluable. This bonding is based on a mutual relationship in which pet and owner give and take warmth, love and nurturing.

4. Health: The tactile sensations of stroking a dog and cat helps reduce anxiety and, according to some reports, even blood pressure.

5. Family and Children: Pet ownership is good not only for people living alone but for whole family systems. Dogs, cats and other pets, become full members of a family in which lots of interaction swirls around children, parents and siblings as they compete to feed, love and care for the pet. Also, pet ownership can teach children the value of life in addition to providing them with some of the responsibility of care and feeding.

So I would say yes dogs, cats or other pets will help when you feel low, how can you not smile with that tail wagging?

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