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Happy New Year 2019

Some new year resolutions from your pet...

The best and most important lesson I've learned from my pets is that it doesn't matter what someone's background is to find amazing, life-long friends.

Pets are masters at getting into trouble and then giving us the most heart-felt "I'm sorry" looks... even if they do go and do the same thing again the next day. Does your pet say he or she is sorry?

A nap helps you refresh yourself and can bring a whole new perspective to the way you see something. Ever wonder why cats always have that wise look? Cats spend most of the day napping... 'nuff said

Pets maintain some of the best focus I've ever seen in life. Granted, that focus may be to catch a fly, or a ball, or a treat, or begging for dinner, or... well, you get the idea!

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