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Christmas is coming....

Thought I would share with you some foods that could make your dog unwell.

Mince pie from the table, which contains potentially toxic raisins, and over a third will give their pup a meaty bone.

Cooked bones often splinter and can cause injuries or damage the stomach and intestine, while raw meaty bones can be a choking hazard, damage teeth or cause digestive upsets

Chocolate - do not let your pooch have a piece of chocolate, which is toxic to dogs, especially treats with a higher cocoa content.

Also cheese can all serve to aggravate your dog's digestive system, or cause even more serious harm.

Pigs-in-blankets, for example, are an extremely fatty treat which can upset a dog's digestive system, or even lead to a painful case of pancreatitis.

Crisps - very fatty and calorific

Stuffing - onions can be harmful to dogs, and herbs or spices may cause a dietary upset

Christmas pudding - contains alcohol and raisins, both toxic ingredients for dogs

To treat your dog in a healthy way at Christmas, stick to lean, cooked meat and healthier Christmas table staples like carrots and green beans.

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