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What I do......

Thought I would share with you a bit more about what I do.

During the last 9 years it has been very interesting and exciting, I have always loved animals and love caring for your pets.

I am still learning as we all are through life, why animals do certain things, how they are to each other and the funny things they do - than look at you to say that was your fault I fell off the sofa? Not that they were not looking what they were doing!

I am house sitting at the moment with a cat and chihuahua - they love each other sleep together and play together which is great to see. What made me smile yesterday walking the chihuahua he barked at a cat outside but he lives with one??

Also walking a dog the other day and what is it about postman? - why do they not like them?

I do think once I go around and meet the pet and owner (meet and greet) they do not forget you - your voice, smell.

You would think the same breed is the same but no each dog, cat, rabbit have different personalities which I get to see in time when I am walking them everyday, cat feeding or house/pet sitting. I have been so lucky that some of the pets I am looking after I have known since they were 8 weeks old and to see them change and grow is lovely to see.

In August I pet sat for a lady how has got a few animals, rabbits, cats and dogs. She got a new puppy just before I started, it was lovely to see how the puppy changed within the week and she picked up very fast what to do following the older dog. Going outside to toilet and not going upstairs.

Thank you for reading I will post some more soon....

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