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Bank Holiday Monday

Another Lovely Bank Holiday ....

What To Do With Your Dog???

The best things about Bank Holidays is having the extra time to relax and spend time with friends and family. Also spending more time with your beloved pets.

You could head to the beach?

Most dogs love romping around in the wide, open space and seaside destinations.

Even if the weather is not great, your dog will appreciate the chance to stretch his or her legs and play a few games.

But be aware that not all beaches welcome dogs, so check before you set off – and if your dog enjoys water, take care that they don’t go in too far.

A Nice Long Country Walk?

How about a lovely country walk - Instead of taking your dog on his or her regular route, try a new environment so they can take in some new sights, sounds and smells.

Pamper Your Dog?

Does your dog love some TLC - maybe you could book them into a professional dog groomer to get them looking fabulous.

You could also arrange to get a professional portrait, either by photographer or painter yourself?

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