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Easter Bunny....

Should you buy a rabbit for Easter?

Easter is here and you may be looking to buy a little Peter Rabbit to make your Easter Break feel complete. But if you're thinking about adding a pet rabbit to your child's Easter basket, stop what you're doing right now.

According to pet adoption experts, this is a terrible idea.

"Rabbits aren't pocket pets, they are not low maintenance or low cost. They are very social and interactive. They need daily environmental and social interaction just as a dog or a cat would.

What many people don't realize is that rabbits mature quickly and can live as long as a small dog. Once they hit puberty at four months, they may no longer be interested in cuddling and may become aggressive and start biting when their hormones are out of control.

So think carefully, re have you got the time and money to give a rabbit the right home??

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