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Funny Things Our Pets Do Like Us!!

Have you ever looked at your pet and thought I do that??

Some of your pets can let themselves in, using the door handles letting themselves out to the outside world both cats and dogs are smart or helping themselves into kitchen cupboards to our food.

I have seen this loads, when going around in the winter dogs and cats snuggly under there bedding or our duvets. Theories behind this is they love keeping warm and cuddling with us under duvets nice and warm and human companionship.

Also they love watching TV like us. Most of the time animal programmes wildlife channels. If your cat is a hunter maybe best not to leave them on there own with your TV.

Drinking from glasses, I go around a lot of customers houses and there cats will only drink from a glass, not there water bowls, or from taps, sinks or showers.

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