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Kittens and Cats

Cats are solitary animals and generally prefer to live alone. If cats are going to be friendly, it is most likely to be with other cats they have grown up with. Provide enough space for each cat – e.g. litter trays, bowls and beds etc to avoid chronic stress in a home with multiple cats.

If you go on holiday, you need to care for your cat. Than I am here to help from cat feeding, or pet sitting where I can stay at yours so your cat is not on there own and your home is safe.

Creating the best environment for your cat or kitten.

Give cats somewhere comfortable to sleep and rest undisturbed.

Give them constant access to safe hiding places. Cats often feel most secure when they are high up, so they should be given safe access to resting places on top of furniture such as cupboards or shelves.

Each cat should have their own food and water bowl, litter tray, cat bed, hiding place, and scratching post.

Locate them around your home, so your cats can choose to avoid each other.

Provide a spare. If you have two cats, provide three of everything.

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