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Welcome to New Members

Good morning everyone and welcome July 2023.

I have had a few busy weeks as clients going away on holiday or out for the day looking after your cats, chickens, walking dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters and fish care and feeding. Just finished a week cat feeding/ changing water/ litter tray and letting in and out/ cuddle time two lovely kittens based in Ickleford Hertfordshire. Also two cats in Hitchin, spending 45 mins each visit am and pm so they both had more company, cuddles and play time, changing water, food and litter tray, also bring clients bin in after bin day.

I have taken on two new clients over last few weeks, a lovely little girl puppy in Hitchin - visiting her one day a week, twice a day, letting her out for a toilet break, playtime and food/water - picture below:

Also a sweet english bulldog in Willian, Hertfordshire - spending time with him to break up his morning, toilet break in garden or walking and cuddles for 30mins.

Thanks again for reading and all your support - have a great July and see you all in August.


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