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School's Back...

As children are now going back to school after the summer holidays, are you thinking what do I do with my dog now I am back at work??

Thought I would share with you some ideas what you can try??

Set up a comfortable space where your dog can rest and sleep.

Turn on a radio or TV

Provide live entertainment.

If you can not got friends or a family member to help - employ someone like myself to pop-in / let out toilet break/ play-time in garden/ take them for a nice walk to break up the day.

Teach your dog to play games.

Leave out interactive toys.

Get a interactive webcam

I now have more slots available so please contact me and let me know what you are looking for so we can tailor your needs.

Picture below is myself and Yvie from Hitchin - I have been walking her since a puppy - she is such a lovely girl. We are having some fun selfie picture..


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