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It's Christmas Time ....

Good Evening Everyone - I hope you are well and getting ready for the big day.

I wanted to share with you some food that are not for dogs and cats to eat,,,

Chocolate - so maybe hide your chocolate so they can not get to it or hide in a locked cupboard?

Mince Pies, Christmas Cake or Christmas Pudding- the currants/ raisins are not good for dogs or cats to eat.

Over the Christmas period vets see more than 75 per cent more clients with dogs and cats that have eaten something they should not have.

Even the stuffing - which I love - is no good for dogs or cats - onions\ leeks - can make your dog or cat sick - have tummy problems - rapid breathing.

Some nuts - blue cheese - bones - are also not good and can be very dangerous.

I hope you all have a very safe and fun Christmas with all your fluffy family members.

And wanted to say and very very big thank you for all your support this year 2023, next year will be my 14th year running my own business....

Many thanks Jo - Perfect Petz and Polish

Your One to One Total Pet Care Service - (Hitchin - Letchworth - Arlesey)


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