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What to do with your pets this summer!

Here are some ideas what you can do and enjoy time with your pets

1. Buy a kiddie pool and invite friends over for a pooch pool party and barbecue for the humans.

2. Organize a trial hike appropriate for your dog’s fitness level and breed. Be cautious not to go in the heat of the day, and be sure to bring a doggie water receptacle for breaks.

3. Find a restaurant with a dog friendly patio and bring a book and order a summer drink. You’ll be amazed at all the people who will stop to say hello and pet Fluffy; it’s a great way to meet people!

4. Take your dog camping with you, bonus points for letting them sleep in the tent!

5. Go to a lake or other safe body of water for an afternoon of swimming. Many breeds other than retrievers love the water, see if your dog is one of them!

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