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Back to School - What about your Dog??

Nearly September and your children are going back to school, so what do you do with your dog when left at home and you are back to a long day at work??

Give your dog a nice large meal and long walk before you leave as most dogs go to for a nap after they have eaten. Another trick is to use food puzzles when you feed them or when you are leaving them. He maybe so engaged that he may not even notice you have left for work??

Buy some chew toys, use a Kong with some food and peanut to keep him busy and not chewing your things.

If he needs a break during the day, than that is where I come in from playtimes, walking, feeding. I offer 15mins to 1 hour breaks depending what you are looking for??

When you get home keep all entrances and exits low key. Try and be calm and try and ignore him for about 10 minutes than praise him loads.

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