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Letter - In Stotfold News Magazine May 2017

A lovely letter from one of my customer's - in Stotfold News Magazine May 2017.


I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you about Jo of Perfect Petz and Polish. It might be a little lengthy so please feel free to paraphrase while retaining the sentiment of my words.

I moved to the area in early 2010 and had to quickly find someone who could look after my animals while I went on a long standing 2 week ski trip. I found Jo who had recently started Perfect Petz and Polish and she popped round to meet the menagerie. From the first meeting the animals adored her; she has such an easy calming way with them. I left her house sitting for 2 weeks and when I came home I honestly think both cats and the dog were disappointed to see me! She took care of them brilliantly; tending to Azzy’s insulin injections and daily pills; taking Spence for his walks and teaching Buttercup not to be so skittish. When I lost the two cats to old age and a car accident she was very supportive and you could tell she felt their loss too.

Since that time she has been a regular fixture in all my animals lives and you can tell she genuinely cares about them. She has house sat for me numerous times and I get to go away without worrying. She walks the dog and feeds Tuck (the new cat!) on a weekly basis and you can see and hear their delight when she arrives in their tail wagging and purring.

Jo has popped round on short notice when I’ve become stuck somewhere, and tailored services for me including home checks when I’m away with the animals with me. She is a natural with animals I can highly recommend her to anyone who needs any of the services she offers.


Tony, Fairfield Park

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