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Good Morning Britain - Advice For Leaving Your Dog At Home Alone.

Why I Started Perfect Petz And Polish......

Just heard this on Good Morning Britain and this is one of the reason's why I started the company up - to take care of your pet's when you are away from home......

It's recommended that you don't leave your dog in solitude for more than four hours at a time - but if you really have to leave your dog at home all day, this is what Dogs Trust recommends.

  • Try to get friends or neighbours to pop in during the day to give your dog company, and take them for a walk. Or hire dog walkers.

  • Give your dog as much to do as possible - for example, leave them large dog chews

  • Give them access to as much of your house - and your garden - as you can

  • If you can access one, dog training courses can help get your dog used to being alone. It’s especially useful for puppies.

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